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While taking a trip to my native SD during the Fall of 2009, I could not help but think about how much my life had changed over the previous year due to the recent economic downturn. Just 24 months prior, I had been on top of the world, working in the finance industry for big companies, making good money, with no financial worry in the world.

And here I was, 2 years later, with almost nothing to show for it.

A sense of humility came over me.

Then I thought about how many more hard-working Americans were in the same situation I was in, or worse. Over 14M unemployed,according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All these people were also faced with hard choices to make due to job losses or reduced income and their savings now depleted.  I knew then that I could not give up, that there had to be a way I could get back on my feet, not just for me, but for my son and the rest of my family.

Foreclosures surged throughout the nation with banks not being able to get rid of their real estate inventory. The idea of leveraging this down market of depressed real estate was spawned.

I looked to my network connections to begin buying, rehabbing and selling depressed property. When the first property I invested in turned a profit of 17.6%, I realized that we had found a solid way to rebuild our financial future.

TJA Williams Investments was born.

I would like you to know, that regardless of how much money you have lost in the recent downturn, it is not too late to begin rebuilding your wealth and regaining control of your finances, in a faster, smarter way, with proven, consistent returns.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are looking to get higher returns than the more traditional methods, such as mutual funds, cd’s, or the volatile stock market, then this is the program for you.  We have designed a system that takes the guessing out of your investment and is proven to really work. We, at TJA Williams Investments, are dedicated to making you, our partners, successful.

Travis J. Williams


Travis J. Williams

20 years industry experience working for AIG, GE Money and Goldman Sachs


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